US Immigration update: USCIS Filing Fee Increase Temporarily Blocked. Apply Before Fees Increase.


On October 1st, 2020, a US Federal Court temporarily stopped the nationwide implementation of USCIS’ increase in fees, which was scheduled to become effective starting October 2, 2020.

Applicants still have a chance to save hundreds of dollars in USCIS fees —before the temporary halt is lifted.

To save on USCIS fees:

  1. Complete your N-400 or I-765 Form today
  2. Send your application package to USCIS as soon as possible

These 2 steps allow applicants to take advantage of current USCIS fees before they experience a dramatic increase —which is currently on hold.

Waiting to submit immigration forms will cost applicants hundreds of dollars more once the halt in USCIS fee increases is lifted. USCIS is likely to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court to get the fee increases pushed through.

USCIS Deputy Director of Policy Joseph Edlow issued a response to the temporary block stating that USCIS was “underfunded by millions of dollars each business day the fee rule is enjoined” and that “current fees do not recover the cost of providing adjudication and naturalization services”.

This statement clearly indicates that the USCIS fee increase will come into effect sooner rather than later and makes applying now the only way to secure the current fees.

Immigration Form Current fees Fees after increase halt is lifted Savings when you apply today
N-400 US Citizenship $640 $1,170 $530
I-765 EAD $410 $550 $140

Apply for Employment Authorization Document

Form I-765

Complete Form I-765 and receive your Employment Authorization Card (EAD) to be able to work anywhere in the United States! Our self-help system will provide you with all the necessary resources to successfully complete your online application.

Who is eligible to apply for Employment Authorization

An Employment Authorization Card (EAD), or work permit, is a legal document in the form of a credit card issued by the USCIS, that allows its holder to work in the United States legally. You may apply for an EAD if:

  • You are authorized to work in the U.S. based on your immigration status
  • You are authorized to work in the U.S. for a specific employer based on your nonimmigrant status.
  • Your immigration category requires you to request a work authorization
  • Your current EAD card has either expired or will expire within 6 months
  • Your current EAD card has incorrect information on it.
  • Your current EAD card is lost, stolen or destroyed (even if partially)
  • The USCIS has failed to grant you an EAD card within the designated 90 day period. In this case, the USCIS will issue you an Interim EAD card for no longer than 240 days.

Application for Employment Authorization Card (EAD) Requirements

Foreign citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. may request an employment authorization card.
The EAD card is issued for a given period of time based on the applicant’s immigration status. Once granted, applicants may legally work anywhere in the U.S. for any employer and without them having to file a nonimmigrant worker petition. You may apply for an EAD if you belong to any of the following visa qualifying categories:

  1. E-1/E-2 spouses
  2. F-1
  3. J-2
  4. K-1, K-2 or K-3
  5. L-1 spouses
  6. M-1
  7. DACA recipients
  8. Asylee and Refugee
  9. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipient
  10. Applicant waiting for Adjustment of Status

How to apply for an Employment Authorization Card using Form I-765

The Green Card renewal or replacement process includes the following steps:

  1. Determine if you are eligible to apply for an EAD
  2. Complete Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, with the help of our services
  3. Print and send your Form I-765 with the help of our customized instructions along with a check covering the USCIS filing fee
  4. Receive Notice of Receipt
  5. If required, submit further evidence
  6. Receive Appointment Notice
  7. Go to the biometrics appointment
  8. Receive written notice of a decision by mail
  9. Get new EAD card (if approved)

The processing time for Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization is approximately 90 days.

Our step-by- step instructions will help guide you throughout the entire application process, advise you with regards to the the necessary documents to include with your petition, and how to successfully complete and submit Form I-765 to be able to legally work anywhere in the United States.

Our self-help system will help you through the entire Employment Authorization application process. Our Application Package includes all the necessary USCIS forms to complete your application and personalized step-by-step instructions that will guide you on how to correctly and successfully complete and submit your application with the USCIS. Start your I-765 Form application and get your Employment Authorization Document card now!

Money Black

USCIS application acceptance guaranteed or your money back!

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